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Zoning: general Article - Cities start to question an American ideal: a house with a yard on every lot


We have no single-family zoning in my municipality. Everywhere allows at least a duplex and everywhere that allows more than a duplex (everywhere on sewer/water) has no outright limit on the number of attached units.


I see neighboring Arlington, TX, is in the article. 89% single family homes, but that makes sense because it grew up as a bedroom community.

Shortly before I moved into my current neighborhood, they had their zoning changed to be exclusively single family. This was in reaction to these monstrosities and other like them built in the adjoining neighborhood. Texas Christian University is nearby and there have been a lot of "stealth dorms" like that being built in the adjoining area. So the NIMBY crowd in my neighborhood worked with the city to change the zoning to preclude that kind of ugliness. Our neighborhood was built in the 1950s and while there isn't any kind of historic overlay, a lot of people moving into the area are doing so because of the mid-century character of the neighborhood. Closer in to TCU, this scene is more typical: older single family homes on the left side of the street, stealth dorms on the right. And the single family homes are being gobbled up by developers and converted to multifamily. Admittedly this is considered desireable urbanism I suppose, but I kind of like my single family house, thanks.

I suppose that will make my property more valuable over the long haul because we may become one of the closest decent single family neighborhoods to TCU, as the supply closer in by the campus builds into multifamily.


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This was a good piece. I wish every community could map like this and overlay it with racial and income data.