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Article & List - 8 Underappreciated American Cities You Need to Check Out This Year


Well I live in one, so there is that.

The write-up about Fort Worth is pretty weak. They mention the Stockyards which is probably our top tourist attraction- cowboys and all that, but the "makeover" they mention is not really that; it's more of a redevelopment of a largely abandoned area and the new buildings won't really have much to do with the historic nature of the area; it will be more of a Disneyfication of the Old West, and incidentally won't be done this year anyway.

They go on to mention Dickies Arena which is good, new, etc., but as they mention, it doesn't open until November, so it misses most of "this year."

They mention Fortress Fest which is good; it's a music festival that before we know it may overshoot its aspirations of being just a regional thing. Good to get that plug.

But it doesn't begin to touch on what I would consider essential stops for a Fort Worth visit. Maybe they assume you will spend some time in Downtown, but it should at least be mentioned; it's pretty vibrant. When plugging Dickies Arena they might have at least mentioned its location in the Cultural District which includes the second largest Museum of Modern Art in the country, or the many equestrian events held at the Will Rogers complex in that part of town (Dickies was built primarily to be a venue for the Fort Worth Stock Show and will host its first one a year from right now). Then there's Magnolia Avenue on the South Side which is a great collection of restaurants and shops. The South Side is also the home to several breweries and distilleries and even a cidery (which is on the recently rebuilt and currently rejuvenating South Main Street which is a link between Downtown and Magnolia).


I also live in one and also near another one, and I've been singing its praises for years (to skeptical onlookers). :) Glad to see the farm-to-fork capital get some love.