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Culture Article - You can’t talk about right-wing populism without talking about urban planning


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That is really interesting JNA. What do you think about it?

For me, some of that speaks to the way we have gerrymandered our districts, but generally it is also due to people's lack of understanding of government money.

This quote from Americans for Prosperity gets me:

The free market can fix the traffic problem itself. We don’t need the government stepping in to ‘fix’ a problem we’re already taking care of by ourselves. Ride sharing services, food delivery services and the ability to order just about anything you need to your door are all ways we’re moving towards efficiency. And those are all ideas from ordinary people, not bureaucrats and city planners at high costs to the taxpayers.
Yes, that is "fixing" the traffic problem. But it isn't. We might need MORE roads to make sure all those lazy people can have a unique driver get to their house to deliver groceries, food, and whatever else you might once have done yourself in one trip.

Shared services are the solution, not the problem. The "efficiencies" we are finding are making our lives easier, not making the system more efficient. I would argue they are likely making our traffic and public transit problem worse, and not paying the true cost of the impact to boot.
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Yep, urban planners are evil. We keep thinking of improving the flow of people whether through bus, walking, or driving. We review plans based on what politicians gives us and voters approve.

Also the lesson, keep things simple. As planners we rely on all the data to tell us something is necessary, but the public doesn't give a rats ass. They just want to know how this new project will help them. If more people use the bus then there are fewer cars on your commute.


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Isn't suburban life all about getting away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city and having privacy? Subdivisions without sidewalks, shopping plazas with open parking lots, and separation of uses are hallmarks of the suburbs, not bike lanes, walkability, etc. Transitioning from the suburban form to one that is more accommodating to people and the public sphere will most definitely involve planners.
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