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Back from England 2003

Earl Finkler

Hi--Chris and I just returned from three great weeks in England.
Is anyone around? Don't see many recent posts on the board?

Anyway, we met a planner in London who gave us a great tour of the parks and also alerted us to the canals in the midlands. These narrow canals used to be used for hauling coal on boats but now have been reclaimed and are used by narrow pleasure boats. And they have level walkways that are nice and pubs along the way.

Perry Norton

Cyburbian Emeritus
Back from England

Back so soon, I didn't know you were gone. There's one tale of the coal barges that you didn't tell us. There's one place where one ship passes over another. The inventor of this device left town just in case it didn't work out the way it should. <> I'm going on a long trip this weekend - we're flying up to Denver to visit our daughter. The weather seems appropiate for the occasion. Can you tell us more about what you saw?