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Banned User : A Morality Tale Of Sorts (LONG)

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This afternoon the moderators and administrators of Cyburbia made a a collective decision to ban one of the users here.

Today alone, we had to delete four different posts that were seen as vulgar and inappropriate. Even if in the FAC, rules of decorum apply. As volunteers, we have very little time to moderate the site to ensure a work-safe atmosphere. We have warned users in the forums and have PMed several of the problem users, all of whom have received the message loud and clear. This was not an easy thing for us, as we are sensitive to the "clique" issue.

Cyburbia was orginally solely run by Dan. Those of us that volunteered to moderate did so becasue of the success of Cyburbia and the time toll that it takes. Collectively the mods (not counting Dan) have over 18 years vested into Cyburbia. Despite fear that this would be a cliquish decision, bear in mind that over the last few months, the discussions and overall intelligence factor, especially in the FAC, appears to have degraded significantly. It isn't *all* that user'sfault, but we believe he was a major contributor to the on-going fascination with alcohol consumption, female anatomy and general bathroom humor, as he racked up over 900 posts in 67 days. I hope that cyburbia can return to better days.

The moderators and administrators are not perfect either. I'm sure if you dig you can find our indescretions of the past as well. We would like to lead by example in the clean up, we hope you agree and commit to helping us.

At this point there has been no decision whether this a permanent banning or not. All we know, is that it's nice to not have to worry about editing rude comments.

Thank you all for understanding and for helping to make Cyburbia a legitimate portal for the exchange of planning related issues (and a little non vulgar humor as well)

Ditto what he said -el Guapo

(Dan) Removed references to the banned user in the post, to protect his/her privacy.
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