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Bertie Ahern: What did he say, anyway?


garethace said:
Check out the stink that just broke out here in little old Ireland if you are interested. Bertie Ahern

Brian -

Can you provide a link or a quote to what Bertie Ahern said that set off that thread on Archiseek?
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Dear Leader
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[ot]Looks like Archiseek finally went to vBulletin for their forums.[/ot]


I know they changed server there a while back. How long do you know Archiseek Dan? I decided I would just scribble down some rather brief observations of Cyburbia/Archiseek.

I have been watching the loading of both Archiseek web sites, and Cyburbia for the past few months. And while i think Cyburbia seems to have much more threads going, and alot more posters, I do notice the amount of views of Cyburbia threads aren't that high relative to the amount of posts and threads that happen. Around 200 or so seems to be the average. With 50 views being quite common on alot of the threads. 200 or so views isn't alot for a site like Cyburbia. But it would indicate that alot of people who read the threads here, do also post here.

200 views is surprisingly similar to what most Archiseek threads do get too. And i regularly get 500 or so views to threads where i am mostly talking to myself. In fact, one time i just invented another poster called 'tec' at Archiseek, just to see if two people talking would actually spark off some debate. Which leads me to believe that most people who visit Archiseek, just look but do not talk. You may have noticed one betemoth of a thread standing right in the middle of all the other Archiseek threads though, which is the U2 Tower thread in the Irish Architecture section, which has now almost hit 20,000 views!!!!

But it is just the same few posters doing all the mouthing. And that is certainly a problem, since the few excellent posters over at Archiseek have to work much, much, much too hard to keep the community going at all. In fact, the whole planning/architecture profession in Ireland is just too damned small to sustain any realistic form of debate upon anything. I think a forum like Archiseek is kept going by a very few interested parties, and I think they do a great job - but I am surprised more people don't seem to join in. Still i enjoy whatever feedback i can get, it is nice indeed.

By far the busiest web-forums i know personally, where i have posted a bit, are of course the Computer Graphics web sites, photographers web sites, and Tech geek sites. Those guys really can talk the hind leg off a dog. I am reminded a bit in fact, of the image of three guys sitting down at a barbecue somewhere in the suburbs comparing lawn mowers. I guess that Archiseek or Cyburbia subject matter is a bit more difficult too eh? 5 thousand posts about a lawn mowers, cruise controls is much easier though!

Personally i have maybe made over 4-5 thousand posts at Tech sites in the last 12 months alone. I did learn a great deal about the art of discussion, the parameters, best techniques for asking questions, replying and so forth. Even though i am gone away from the technology end of my job altogether now.

Brian O' Hanlon.
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