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Bicycles becoming more popular commuting option in NYC


From Racks to Insurance: Parking Guide For Bicycles
The New York Times

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In 1993, Transportation Alternatives, a group that would like to see fewer motor vehicles on New York area roads, estimated that each day 50,000 New York City residents rode bicycles to work and on errands. By 2001, their estimate had more than doubled, to 105,000.

But the number might be even higher if there were more secure parking spaces for bikes. Among bicyclists who responded to a 1999 survey by the city's Planning Department, the parking shortage was the most frequently cited reason they did not ride a bike to work.

In hopes of a remedy, Transportation Alternatives and the nonprofit New York Metropolitan Transportation Council recently published a free booklet, "Bicycle Parking Solutions," which lists some buildings whose occupants have secure indoor parking - among them Merrill Lynch, Condé Nast and MTV. The publication also lists suppliers of outdoor bike lockers that can accommodate as many as 12 bicycles while also providing protection from the elements.

But the booklet's main purpose is to inform building owners and managers how to provide secure Indoor parking for tenants' bicycles, covering such matters as leases. Insurance, liability issues and building codes and regulations.

The booklet is available by phoning (212) 629-8080 or (718) 472-3046.


It's funny, just as NYC is increasing biking as a means of trnasportation, places like China where it is much more common, are trying to discourage biking and adopt modern American ways.

In NYC I lost 2 bikes parked and locked during the day. Here in Toronto I can park my bike outside overnight like everyone else. Security is definitely a big issue in NYC for bike parking. Vehicles just pull up next to the bike, chop the lock and stick it in the back.


green22 said:
In NYC I lost 2 bikes parked and locked during the day

Stealing a man's bike, now that is just plain WRONG, ought to be a hangin offense.