Big Data + Cycling = Urban Transport MSc Dissertation Topic

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I would like to discuss how to spend a dissertation. A dissertation is an individual's flagship project that I understand to play an important role in subsequent professional discussions. It would be nice to writing an impressive paper. I've developed a few ideas, but I'm not confident with any of them just yet. I'd like to hear some insight from the professional planning field.

I'm currently studying at the Universtiy of Glasgow for an MSc in Urban Transport. It's a one-year program linked to the Urban Big Data Centre (link provided below). My dissertation is due in about 6 months.

My research interests are using big data to improve the attractiveness, use, and appropriation of information of cycling and active transportation within cities.

I'm skilled with the statistical environmental and language R. For academic purposes, I have a large public bike share programs (PBSP) dataset, as well as Scotland's 2015 Strava Metro data. Quantitative analysis is an area of special interest.

Bearing this information in mind, I have a few questions. I would be grateful for any advice.

  1. To hiring managers, are there any contemporary dissertation topics in cycling that sound impressive?
  2. Would an updated bike share implementation guide be of value? (to improve station placement or data analytics sections)
  3. Would a guide on bike share data analytics be of value?
  4. Would a Strava Metro application guide be a useful tool for consultancy firms like ARUP or Toole Design?
  5. How do the three aforementioned tools weigh against each other? That is to say, which is the most in demand (if at all)?
  6. Are there any big questions surrounding Strava Metro data that haven't been explored?
  7. May I ask what topic you covered in your dissertation, and how was it received?

I thank you all for being part of such a robust group!

Daniel Patterson

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Wow, quite specific. You have a masters Dissertation rather than Thesis?

I am honestly not quite sure how relevant your topic is to many cyburbians, But I will Bump in case anyone here has relevant experience to provide answers.