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Billboard zoning


I am currently working on a Corridor Study in my region, involving 51 miles of an interstate highway, the committee (comprised of public/private sector representatives) has decided that an issue that should be addressed in this study is the regulation of all new billboards, actually, they want to eliminate ANY new billboards from popping up, as the right of way areas are being abused by the billboard companies, by cutting trees in half, thus rendering them useless as a windbreak during the winter months, btw, I am in the upper peninsula of Michigan, we have snow right now (a bit EARLY, but oh well).

So, my question is this, we are looking to implement a zoning overlay district to regulate the billboards, does anyone have sample or a copy of an overlay that they could send to me, I am trying to put this in a narrative for the study, its proving to be formidable!! Thanks in ADVANCE!



maudit anglais
I know that the above query is in relation to a corridor study, but figure you might get a better response here in the zoning forum...

SW MI Planner

Don't have an answer to your question, but just wanted to say HI from the very bottom of the state :)

My sister lives in Marquette - I can't wait to visit. We're going to the outhouse races in Trenary. Gotta love the UP!

Have you checked with Scenic Michigan? I know they were very involved with Hollands fight against billboards. They may be of some help.
We have addressed billboards in New Orleans through creating Scenic corridors that need protection The enabling legislation sites the need to protect these scenic corridors such as the City Sky line and views of the River. The report that wnet into creating the Corridors also cited how the advertising industry, especially billboard erectors often target the black community with cigarette and liquor ads. as well as the visual clutter that is produced by unregullated billboard placement. Unfortunately, the billboard regulations were put in place 10 years ago so I do not have copies of the report. Be prepared for a tough fight from the billboard industry. You may also want to consider an amortization buyout of billboards you want to get rid