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Birthday party

Zoning Goddess

AIB my son's birthday tomorrow. On Saturday he is having an extravagant (for me and my budget) party at an indoor rock-climbing place. At 11, we've gone beyond home parties. My favorite was the year I spray-painted rocks in different colors and hid them around our large yard; the kids had to find them, then could redeem them for different-level prizes.

The best for me? Gee, probably when I was 4 or so, and Mom and Dad rented a merry-go-round, had a pony ride, etc. When I was older I had pool parties; since the siblings were born in January and March, even in Florida, the weather sometimes didn't cooperate for outdoor parties in those months, so I always felt like I had the winner birthday (in May). Of course, there was the one where the yard guy found a dead armadillo and the whole party bolted from the pool to see the dead thing...

What was your best birthday party? Or a family one you especially remember?

Trail Nazi

One of my top birthday parties was going bowling with SC and ZG. Nothing fancy, but loads of fun.