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Bizzarre job interviews

Hello fellow planners:

I am a Canadian born, raised and educated planner currently working in a large metropolitan planning department in the northeast U.s.A. A year or so ago, while interviewing for an entry level county planner position in upstate New York, I had a very unusual interview.

Prior to the start of the formal interview, the director was showing me around the department, describing ongoing work assignments etc., when all of a sudden this fellow starts telling about the individual he was seeking to replace in the department. The director explained that the current position was open because his old employee had been dismissed after having been caught having sex with his girlfriend on a desk in his office.

I must say this is a hell of an ice-breaker for an interview. I completed the interview and came back to Canada to wait for the results. I didn't get the job because to quote the director " you're over qualified and were not sure you would stay with the department". Needless to say, I'm not sorry I didn't get this job.

Although the place I'm working right now my not be much better. A couple of years ago, a few planners in the department were convicted of taking bribes and I understand from a longtime employee that one disgruntled planner tried to kill a now retired deputy planning director with an axe while at work.

Whoever said planning was boring didn't know what he was talking about.