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Black Lives Matter and Racial Justice


I'm surprised talk of this hasn't been split out of RTDNT.

Fort Worth definitely has its problems, such as the time last fall when they shot a woman in her home after a neighbor called for a wellness check on her.

But so far the Black Lives Matter push has been a fairly positive thing here. After tear gassing protesters early in the George Floyd protests, some bicycle officers took a knee which led to a lessening of tensions and a shared prayer between Police Chief Ed Kraus and the protest organizers.

Everything isn't rainbows and unicorns here, and various protest groups continue to put the heat on the Fort Worth establishment to promote social justice. The latest step occurred this weekend, when a section of Main Street was closed off so that END RACISM NOW could be painted on the street. With the city’s blessing, activist and former mayoral candidate Deborah Peoples asked artists Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby to design a mural that would fill the street and then put out a call for volunteers. The mural is painted near the site where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke during his only visit to Fort Worth in 1959, and where President John F. Kennedy spoke the morning of his assassination (there is a memorial to him in the top left of the picture).

I am optimistic that Fort Worth can be a driving force in the effort to end racism in this country. We definitely have our problems here, but we also have an energized, yet mostly respectful, opposition movement that has engaged in talks with city leaders as a result of the protests and are already discussing changes to city policies and laws that will help the situation.
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