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Blogs that are all about DISSING places


Ready to Learn
Somebody has a hate-on for Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan { hi doug kelbaugh :y } and the supposed cultural mecca of Michigan:


All right, we know Ann Arbor likes to take credit for everything from Iggy Pop to the Peace Corps. But this is getting ridiculous. "Our school is popular for many things: athletics, academics, Zingerman’s … and now, as it seems, a popular, tried and true sexual act," writes Daily columnist Rebecca Ramsey. Although, as far as we know, her phrase "Michigan hookup" never appeared in the thousand-odd pages of the Starr Report, Ramsey would have us believe that our erstwhile president and his intern were engaging in an act that originated in A2, part of the "oral tradition" of this university, as she describes it. And we're letting Ypsi hog the spotlight with a tower?

Do you know of any other blogs or websites that share the hate?!