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Broadband and utility mapping


Hi all,

A relative of mine works for a technology company doing broadband/WiFi initiatives. He is not a planner and therefore very unfamiliar with land use planning and zoning. He is tasked with using Census data and digital surveying to develop a digital tool that would inventory all the utility poles, streetlights, and traffic signals (basically anywhere where they could mount things on) in any given city (but starting with a couple of pilot cities).

Can anyone recommend a consulting firm that has strong mapping/tech capabilities that could help him do this? Not the developing a platform part, but helping him do the initial mapping stuff. I could help him track down some GIS data for the pilot cities or give him some initial direction but I don’t have the time or expertise to do this for the whole country. I think he should really hire a niche consulting firm that knows how to talk and play nice with local governments but also is technically sound with expertise in digital mapping and spatial analysis. Bonus if they do tech-y stuff as well like app development.

Does Esri do consulting? What about Streetlight (or are they only data)? Urban Footprint? Remix?