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Hi there! 👋 Bturk


Cyburbian Emeritus
It's a wonder I never learned to "Vogue"

Ah, El Guapo, that picture was when I was in the lab's test group for Propecia - before they found out my Just for Men hair coloring had a bad reaction with the experimental 'meds and the double vodka tonics I have for breakfast. The resulting loss of bladder control and the onset of post-pubescent voice changes were horrific at first...

But heck, after "the change" as we call it, I can do a great Rosemary Clooney voice even if my drag show suffers from the obvious use of Depends undergarments. Those dang things really interfere with my fishnet stockings, not to mention "the tuck and tape".

So these days I'm stuck in life spending my days as a Planner. My nights of doing my lounge act in a gay piano bar had been a deep and dark secret until now.

My next song goes out to you, El Guapo!