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Cal Poly SLO vs. Portland vs. Seattle

Hello. If anyone has any thoughts, advice or good jokes on the following matters I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

I am trying to decide on a grad school based on the following factors:

Plan of study
Career Location

I recently visited Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and while the program looks alright, the focus seems mainly on hands on local planning activities. This is great for experience sake, but it seems like the issues I'd be working with are mostly with rural sprawl. This is not the most exciting thing to me. I am interested in the environmental sustainability of large urban regions.

I also am not interested in accruing major debt (I'm a NYU undergrad graduate. yikes!) and I plan to live in and work in California (where I am currently a resident). Portland and Seattle may be some great cities to study in, but I am wondering if it's better just to stay in CA and learn planning/environmental policy/law here even though the school/city may be more dynamic.

Thanks for your thoughts.