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Calculating number of employees for hotel/conference center


I forecast future employment, and usually figure a certain number of employees per square foot of building per type. I usually figure 1 office employee per 300 feet, 1 industrial employee per 800 feet...does anyone have a standard for hotel conference center? Someone told me this morning that it is 1 employee per square foot, which I think is totally ridiculous, but maybe I am being dense.

mike gurnee

I agree that 1/1 is ridiculous. When I have the out of the ordinary situation, I try to visit a similar facility and find out what's going on.

Full time staff is probably quite small. Full time equivalents would be the issue. I suspect that most centers have a lot of part time help as needed to setup, breakdown, provide food and beverage service, etc.

How often is the center utilized? Are services franchised out to existing employers? I don't think there is one set formula.