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Canada and inclusionary zoning...


I'm working with an Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB... I guess NIMBYism will be our giant whale)... and we are working on various options for trying to diversify our affordable housing stock. Despite that my humble town of St. Albert is in a different country than the city I have the most experience with affordable housing initiatives (Davis, CA), the communities are very similar. Davis had a really comprehensive affordable housing program, owing it's relative success to strict inclusionary zoning.

I was trying to find an example of where inclusionary zonig has worked in Canada... and lo and behold, guess what? There are no cities that use this as a tool (well according to Canadian Housing Information Centre)!

What I can't figure out is why? I would assume that there is some type of legislative reason why... but the report I read did not claim any. I've been pouring over Alberta Planning Law books and I can't find anything... anyone know what the hurdles are? I'm going to look into a few more leads, but otherwise, I have no idea where to go next.

All help appreciated!