Celebrity (and Midnight Sun) suddenly in your life

Howdy from Arctic Alaska. As of May 10, we have no more sunsets for almost three months --next one being on August 2. For some, this means sleep deprivation. For others, a chance to play catch or even a game of softball starting around 11 pm or later.

About 20-30 years ago, I would stay up under the midnight sun and write all kinds of things ---planning reports, poems, letters (remember snail mail letters?) Just stay up till 3 am, and then maybe take a walk along the shores of the Arctic Ocean.
Somehow get to the office by 8:30 am that same morning, or come late. Heck it was the Arctic summer!

This week was also special in that I got to interview the famed Miami Dolphin Larry Csonka in the small control room of public radio station KBRW
in Barrow, where I do the morning on-air shift. I left my Planning job with the local government in late 1998 to do this radio work, free-lance writing, and a bit of consulting.

Do any of you change schedules in summer, or periods of work and play?
Also, anybody made major changes in their careers? How did it work out?
Have a splendid summer!!!