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Chicago - street level photos.


As many of you know, I've been putting a lot of work into the Gallery with an assortment of photos. I have some of other cities, but the majority of them are taken in Chicago. I just thought I'd share some of them with those who haven't seen them or are unfamiliar with the city.

Brideport - South Side

This is a quiet bedroom community which has political clout for being the home of many Chicago mayors. It's also notorious among blacks for racially motivated beating that occured years ago.

West Town - West Side


This is a large community area that includes Ukranian Village and Wicker Park. I believe some of them are taken from the area known as Bucktown, but I'm not so sure, so I gave them the generic name of West Town. Cheap shopping at its finest on Milwaukee Avenue.

Old Town - North Side


Old Town was the liberal, "hippie" capitol of Chicago decades ago. The main commercial stretch of Wells was filled with head shops, a Ripley's Believe it or Not and other shops. After falling apart in the 80's, it made a strong comeback in the 90's. Gentrification was the movemen this time.

Pilsen - West Side


This is ground zero for the Mexican immigrant population in Chicago. The Pilsen stretch of 18th street is sometimes called Spanish Broadway. This is one of the most architectually rich areas of Chicago's along with its Spanish influence. Others are realizing the potential also, as gentrification makes it's way from the East.

River West - North Side (or is West Side)


This area was a heavy industrial zone until recent. Now cranes and steel frames dot the landscape. Besides a few clubs and shops here and there, its still pretty vacant.

Edgewater - North Side


This area has a huge section of mammoth high rises that dramatically drops to tree lined streets with single family homes and 2 flats the further west you go. It's known for a sub-area named Andersonville. This neighborhood has a bit of Swedish influence, but lately has been a destination for the Lesbian community.

River North - North Side


River North is an interesting neighborhood. The western part of the neighborhood is a hip, "artsy" loft section, similar to River North. The Central part is full of "touristy" spots like the Hard Rock Cafe, The Rock-N-Roll McDonalds and ESPN Zone. The Eastern section of the area is full of gargantuan high rise condos, steps off of Michigan Ave. Consistent throughout the neighborhood though, are cranes, as this area contiunues to densify.

South Shore - South Side


An upper middle class black neighborhood that looks like a streetcar suburb, except the tracks in the middle of the street are Metra commuter rail. This area has it's seedy parts, but is seeing small development here and there.

Wrigleyville - North Side


Technically part of Lakeview, this area is known for Wrigley Field of course. The stadium itself is nestled in the neighborhood well, as you can see in this shot of Sheffield Ave. In reality, the stadium is sort of a side attraction to the numerous sports bars that line up and down the streets. The real fun always starts after the game.

Lakeview - North Side


I guess one could call the central area of this large community area, "Lakeview proper". Its one of the most vibrant shopping areas in Chicago. A section of it is known as Boystown for its Gay population. Lakeview also attracts the "alternative" crowd so to speak

Lincoln Park - North Side


Uh oh. The oft insulted and criticized home of the Notorious L.P.T.'s, or Lincoln Park Trixies. Cups of Starbucks Mocha and Jetta's are a requirement! Jokes aside, this area is one of the most architectually beautiful areas in the US. It's also home to DePaul U.

Hyde Park - South Side


The most stable South Side neighborhood of them all. In spite of massive urban decay to the North, South and West of the neighborhood, it still remains one of the most popular destinations and living places to tourists and residents alike. The University of Chicago, massive parks and beaches, Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House and the Museum of Science and Industry are some of the perks of this dense neighborhood.

Chinatown - South Side


Chicago's Chinatown is a small, but close knit ethnic enclave that is closed in by housing projects, an expressway, and an industrial zone. There is also a lot of construction happening around the area.

West Loop - West Side


See River West. What makes this area different is the amount and coverage of all the new construction. You can't walk one block without seeing some new mid-rise or loft conversion. This is still the meat-packing district of Chicago, despite the construction. There is also a small area of the neighborhood known as Greektown.

Roscoe Village


One of my favorites. Lincoln Avenue runs diagonally through the neighbohood, providing an interesting atmosphere with all the flatiron buildings. The bold urban look of Lincoln Avenue is contrasted by spacious residential streets. It's also technically a part of Lakeview.

Uptown - North Side

This neighborhood is know as the immigrant gateway to Chicago. Many languages are spoken on it's gritty streets. It also has quite an assortment of derelicts. Even with the meandering homeless, it continues to attract families. Because of its location North of Lakeview, Its becoming quite ppopular with yuppies as of recent.

The Magnificent Mile


N. Michigan Avenue. Day and night photos.

The Loop


The financial district, named for the pattern the EL tracks make. State street included.

..areas yet to be uploaded.
Wicker Park
Washington Park
Humboldt Park
Rogers Park
Cabrini Green
Little Italy
Logan Square
South Loop
Maxwell Street
Gold Coast

..Not yet photographed, but planned.
Albany Park
Lincoln Square
Little Bombay
Ukranian Village

Back of the Yards
26th Street
Garfield Park


This is a great overview of your photo tours sofar!

So there are photos of Maxwell Street coming up? I guess I have to thank you for that...

Wicker Park was one of your classic phototours, thanks for uploading these again.