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Job listing City of Belfast, Maine - Planner

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The City of Belfast, a mid-coast Maine community (population 7,000) with a City Council form of government, is seeking a full-time Planner to work in its Code and Planning Department. The ideal candidate will have a service-oriented personality, strong communication skills, and the technical knowledge and ability to capably perform a diverse range of tasks. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to: analyze facts involved in the land use decision-making process; interpret and apply City Ordinances and policies; take the lead role in managing and implementing special projects and amendments to City Ordinances; prepare and deliver effective public presentations; and work effectively with professionals, citizens, and local boards and committees. Some experience with ArcView GIS required.

The City of Belfast ambitiously pursues projects and opportunities to benefit the community. The City has completed numerous projects to enhance development of the downtown/waterfront area, has worked to encourage both small scale and larger scale development, and is a recognized leader in how to reduce dependence on fossil fuel. The Planner is a key position in accomplishing City projects and goals.

The City must receive your resume, cover letter and three references by Tuesday, July 16, 2019. Resumes can be sent via email to: wmarshall@cityofbelfast.org, or by mail to: City of Belfast, Attn: Wayne Marshall, Director, Code and Planning, 131 Church St, Belfast, ME 04915. The description of position responsibilities is available on the City website, cityofbelfast.org, reference Staff Directory, Job Opportunities.

This is a salaried position. City offers a competitive salary and benefit package. City is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.




The Planner works in the City Code and Planning Department. The work the Planner performs is professional in nature. The Planner performs administrative and technical work in implementing the City’s zoning and land use ordinances and regulations, and works closely with applicants, the public, the Planning Board, the Intown Design Review Committee, the Code Enforcement Officer and Department Director in performing this function. The Planner takes the lead role or assists in preparing and presenting planning studies and analyses and land use ordinances, and managing specific projects, often with public groups and City Committees.

The Belfast Code and Planning Department is a relatively small Department within the City. The Department has four staff: the Director, the Planner, the Code Enforcement Officer, and the Administrative Assistant. It is expected that all positions in the office will work collaboratively with one another to fulfill the Department’s responsibilities. Our work involves frequent public contact, much of which requires providing thorough and accurate on-the-spot responses to how complex regulations would apply to a wide variety and scale of development proposals. Some of the Department's work can be contentious.

The Planner reports to the Department Director. The Planner is a salaried employee and is subject to requirements of the City of Belfast Personnel Code. This position involves attendance at evening meetings; typically 1 or 2 times per week.

Key duties the Planner will be expected to perform are listed below. This list, however, is not inclusive of all duties. The omission of specific statements or duties does not exclude such from being a requirement for the position if the work is similar in nature.

1. Key staff member in the Department who works with applicants and property owners and the applicant’s representatives (engineer, architect, contractor) in the review of a project application for a subdivision, site plan, use permit or shoreland permit. Work involves working with the Planning Board to prepare written findings of fact and conditions of approval that describe the Board decision.

2. Key staff member who works with applicants and property owners and the applicant’s representatives in implementing requirements of the City Intown Design Review Ordinance. This involves serving as the non-voting facilitator of the Intown Design Review Committee and preparing findings of fact and notices of decision for the Committee’s decision.

3. Works independently or with the Department Director to prepare planning studies and reports in support of new and updated plans and programs.

4. Works independently or with the Department Director to prepare proposed amendments to the City Code of Ordinances, particularly land use regulations, to implement policy direction provided by the City Council, Planning Board, and similar City bodies.

5. Prepares and manages or assists in preparing and managing grant applications and professional service contracts.

6. Working independently with one or more City Committees to help implement policy and program objectives identified by the City Council.

7. The Planner will serve as a key customer service representative for the Department and City, and responding to requests for public information and addressing citizen and customer concerns. Much of this work will occur at the ‘counter’ in the Department offices, which involves providing thorough ‘on-the-spot’ responses to public inquiries in a professional manner.

8. The Planner must have some experience in working with ArcView/GIS.

9. The Planner is expected to have the ability to develop a reasonable working knowledge of State and City Codes enforced by the Code Enforcement Officer, and to understand and apply how such Code requirements may affect decisions on land use permit applications.

1. Knowledge of the principles and practices of planning, particularly as it relates to a small community like Belfast that is both urban and rural in nature.

2. Knowledge of a relevant specialization such as but not limited to transportation, land use, or affordable housing is desired

3. Some experience in working with ArcView GIS.

4. Knowledge of public processes.

1. Experience with development reviews. The ability to review plans and apply provisions of City ordinances and codes to determine compliance with said regulations.

2. Effective written, communication and interpersonal skills, particularly the ability to clearly explain complex rules and procedures to the public and to boards and committees.

3. Creative problem-solving skills and ability to gather and present relevant information to solve vaguely defined practical problems.

4. Experience with group facilitation.

5. Ability to work on multiple projects or issues simultaneously, and to manage deadlines and establish priorities in completing assigned work.

6. Ability to work independently or in a team environment as needed.

7. Ability to attend to details while keeping big-picture goals in mind.

8. Strong customer service skills. The Planner must be able to work with persons from all walks of life, and to fairly treat all persons with dignity and respect.

1. Bachelor's degree in urban planning, architecture, public policy, or related area of study; master's degree preferred.

2. Two or more years of experience working for a local, state or federal government agency preferred, particularly in a position that involved the review of development permits, application of regulations and/or project management. Experience with a consulting firm or private business that worked with government programs may be considered as a substitute.

3. Able to obtain a State of Maine Driver’s license.

This description for the Planner position was revised and updated on June 12, 2019. The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the City and the employee and is subject to change by the City as the needs of the City and the requirements of the job may change.
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