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City vs City #1 - St. Louis vs Kansas City

What's the better MIssouri city ... The Lou, or KCMO?

  • St. Louis

    Votes: 20 55.6%
  • Kansas City

    Votes: 16 44.4%

  • Total voters

Rumpy Tunanator

JivecitySTL said:
That's not an expressway, that's Forest Park Parkway. It's actually a great street, both for convenience and scenery. Most of Forest Park Parkway is closed until 2006, when the new Metro line opens (which will run parallel to it both above ground and underground).

Expressway, parkway, its basically the same thing, it cuts up the park for vehicular traffic. Here people might call a major interstate the Thruway or Highway, while in california they might call it the Freeway. Is it 2 lanes in each direction? Does it have a parking lane? How do park users cross the road? Also what is the speed limit posted on the parkway?
-In Buffalo they're trying to reduce the effects of traffic on the park by reducing the speed limit and installing a traffic circle at a main intersection where the expressway enters the park system. The road is 2 lanes in both directions and the speed limit is 45mph. In order to cross the road, a pedestrian/bike bridge is set up at one point of the park to connect the park seperated by the expressway.


Forest Park Parkway is 2 lanes in each direction, speed limit of 45 mph, harldy what you'd consider a major expressway. There are pedestrian overpasses all along its route through the park. I love the Parkway, it's a great shortcut through the city's central corridor. When the new Metro line opens, it will be even better.