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Serious 😐 Civli liberties

el Guapo

I am by most people’s descriptions a conservative – perhaps even a fascist as one tofu eatin’, peace loving professor once called me in an urban geography class. However, even I am concerned about what seems to be happening with civil liberties in our nation since 9-11-2001. The suspension of some basic civil liberties for people that may or may not be guilty (read foreigners) disturbs me. We have 1000 people that have legally disappeared – The FBI and John Ashcroft tell me not to worry – they have the correct people and besides they are foreigners – who’s going to notice a few secret trials and summary executions. I don’t trust my government. I learned that by watching the secret deals cut a city and county commission meetings. I hate to think of the crap smarter and more talented people could get away with. The far right has been screaming this message since well before Waco and Ruby Ridge. Now the left is figuring out these increased police powers are a double-edged sword that can be used against all.

Having the terrorists shot, hung or dismembered after a fair and just trial in no way bothers me in the slightest. However once we start suspending those civil liberties that we hold so dear to get “them”, how long is it going to be before the classification “them” is widened to include “us.” What do you think?