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Classical architecture in the City


Some very interesting threads on this forum… I used to frequent it often but in recent years had focused on other activities. My last thread was in 2008, abouy Barcelona!!

Anyhow, given the interest shown in architectural history and form, may I point out a recently added website on this subject that I am involved with.

It’s called CLAXITY.COM and covers the classical streetscape of the City of London.

We will be adding a lot more material over time, of course. Hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile, here's a picture you might enjoy. It is the retained facade of the old Central Telegraph Office, in the City, now wrapped around the (newly built) offices of a major bank.

DSCF2182 reduced.JPG


Chairman of the bored
I've often wondered how Londoners regard the....how shall I put this...mix of architectural styles found in near proximity throughout the city. I would imagine some are resentful of the more modern additions to the skyline, such as the Gherkin or the Shard in contrast to older and smaller iconic fixtures. In fact, how are skyscrapers in general regarded in this traditionally low, but sprawling urban environment?