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Clever Zoning Admin uses feminine wiles and charm to get sign down

el Guapo


Tuesday, December 31, 2002 Posted: 10:32 AM EST (1532 GMT) CEDAR SPRINGS, Michigan (AP) -- Steve Horowitz's quest for a wife is no secret.

For the past few months, it has been advertised on a large, portable sign -- simply reading "WIFE WANTED" -- in front of his home.

But after hearing from about 60 women and going out with three, the 53-year-old says all he's looking for now is a second date with one. So the sign has come down.

Horowitz says he was so taken with one woman after their lunch date that he presented her with a video of his friends' testimonials on his behalf.

The woman, who declines to be identified pending future dates, says she is "intrigued" by Horowitz, columnist Tom Rademacher wrote in The Grand Rapids Press on Monday.

She describes herself as about a decade younger than her suitor, college-educated, childless and never-married. Hummm...does this sound like one of us or what?

She says she's "open to the idea of a relationship."

But Horowitz is a bit bolder in his assessment: "I think this really could be the one."

Horowitz's dating methodology didn't come as a big surprise to many in his hometown of Cedar Springs. They know the retired teacher for his sense of humor, eclectic tastes and admitted eccentricities -- such as sleeping in his living room on a pair of mattresses stacked atop a dining room table.

Married years ago for just six months, Horowitz says that until that fateful lunch, he hadn't had a date since 1994.

Some of the 60 women from around the state who responded to his plea for a partner wrote eloquent letters, he says. One arrived at his post office addressed only "To the man who wants to get married; Cedar Springs, Michigan."

"It's a bizarre way to meet somebody," Horowitz said, "but I never would have met this woman otherwise."

The second date has been set for New Year's Eve.


That has got to be more humiliating than a personals ad....