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Clueless planning commissioners

I am increasingly becoming more and more frustrated with my town's planning commissioners. It's evident that most do not read their staff reports, have no idea what planning is about, and are often rude to both staff, petitioners, and other speakers at public hearings. They often ignore the criteria by which they most approve or deny a petition and provide no reasons for approval or denial. They often demand conditions that seem illogical (not to mention potentially illegal). They grandstand and some clearly are seeking political office. Others are busy bodies. And others just seem to want a free lunch and something to do once a month. I have endured moments where I've been challenged over a matter where a commissioner insists that he or she knows what he or she is talking about. Usually they don't. Out of respect I sit there and endure the public tongue lashing about why I didn't do something or why I did it they way that I did. I swear, one member thinks its a public duty to insult staff. Is there a way to handle a bad board? Any suggestions on how to guide them to be more interested and professional as well as more respectful to staff? My board is completely embarrassing and making some very bad decisions. It's quite aggravating. Help!


A less serious but still disturbing habit of our council and commission is to allow "citizens" to stand up in a public meeting and make ridiculous racist statements, such as implying that all apartment renters are pedophiles, and that planning staff MUST be bribed by the developers, without correcting or responding to the spurious and ridiculous remarks of our beloved public.