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Community without churches?


I found this article interesting because I have to ask the question why. Not why they wont allow 10+ acre church sites but why the churches feel they need so many acres.


The last community I worked it was one of those small towns where everyone goes to church and everything has been pretty much the same for years. The churches didn't really have parking but the streets were wide enough people parked on the streets. Other than one new development on the edge of town none of these churches took up more than the space of about 3 or 4 homes. Most took less space than that. Everyone knew on Sunday it's hard to park near the church but I never heard anyone complain. Even a new church going in was working on a smaller lot putting parking behind and out of sight and not taking much space. With a few exceptions of faiths who seem believe that everyone within a huge distance should go to the same site there just isn't that much reason to create seas of asphal to be used once a week. Why not give them a break on parking requirements and limit them to an acre or two. Unless they are making a school too why do they need more?