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From Dan:

:y > > > > > We are receiving an increasing number of bounced e-mail messages due to stronger spam filters used by many e-mail clients and providers. Please add to your white list of acceptable e-mail sources.

What is a white list?


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Some spam filters use what's called a white list, where only e-mail from addresses on the white list is seen by the recipient; all other e-mail gets trashed, bounces, or is sent back to the recipient with a "challenge question" that only a human can answer.

For example: Joe is on your white list. Jane isn't. Joe sends you e-mail; it goes through. Jane sends you e-mail; it either ends up in the virtual bit bucket, bounced back to Jane, or automatically sent back to Jane with a question like "What is 1+2? Reply with the answer alone in the subject line to be added to the white list."

I've also been getting a lot of bouncing e-mail from Cyburbia users that have invalid e-mail addresses in their profile. People either register with bad addresses, and can't conform their registrations, or their e-mail addresses become invalid after they've registered; they've changed e-mail addresses or let their account on a free e-mail service go dormant. When a user with a bad e-mail address has private message, thread subscription or thread response notification turned on, the notification messages all bounce to me.

I cannot say this enough ... your e-mail address cannot be harvested by spambots on Cyburbia, unless you include it in a post. I don't sell e-mail addresses, or give them to third parties. I don't even give out e-mail addresses to Cyburbia users or others who ask; I'll write you first and ask if it's okay. The only people that can see e-mail addresses are moderators and administrators -- only when viewing a user's profile. They'll e-mail you only if it's very, very important.