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CRS and DMA mitigation plan progress


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BUMP - moving forward

Q. - Anybody involved in organizing / writing their communities annual progress report as required for recertification ?


not involved...yet

Our Fire Prevention staff was tasked with the DMA-2K planning lead back in 2004 - and I liaised (at my own persistence) from the Planning Dept. I must say that not much of a comprehensive approach was taken by our Fire Prev folks, and it was no fault of theirs. Their primary roles have been educating citizens and businesses about how to prepare for emergencies, not to think about other adopted policies.

Some insistent patchwork was required to ensure compatibility with our Comp Plan and the State Growth Management Act. Also, it was quite interesting to see what Fire Prevention folks would like to do with other jurisdictional legislative documents as part of DMA-2K mitigation - without legislative amendment and applicable public processes. I had to nip that in the bud. Some of the ideas? Downzoning industrial and commercial properties, downzoning multifamily to single-family, revising development standards to effect downzones of higher density single-family zones...ahhhhhh, the memories.

Part of the problem was IMO that the state and federal emergency management agencies didn't seem well-coordinated with other state planning agencies.