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Curriculum for contractors


I am thinking of applying for an EDA (economic development administration) planning grant to create a curriculum for local colleges for building contractors. The curriculum would involve at least 2 critical components: how to renovate old buildings and how to renovate older buildings to accept (and maybe require) connections for newer technologies. This curriculum could also include courses to teach regional building departments how to adopt more innovative building criteria and how to amend the uniform building code. I believe that planners could play a role (with the appropriate partnerships) in developing a list of user needs for a city's economic development.
Any examples, any suggestions, anyone willing to partner?


NDC has a course on development finance that covers rehabilitation. AEDC offers a shorter version more targeted to redevelopment. ULI has done quite a bit of work in this area, including wiring old buildings for technology. Of course, the best source for rehabilitation information is the National Trust. I would think an outstanding program could bring together the expertise of all of these organizations.

Regretably, I do not know all that many developers who would be likely to attend. On the other hand, I know many public and non-profit professionals who would jump at the chance.

My suggestion would be to market to a national (United States and Provinces of America) audience and keep the courses to a week-long session.