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Curse on the Cubbies

Earl Finkler

Hello Planners Far and Wide
I am in my 60s and am wondering if I will see the Cubs get to a World Series in my lifetime, much less win their first one since 1908.
The meltdown with the Marlins was painful to watch, and that goofy Cubs fan in the front row who blocked Alou from catching a key foul ball in the 8th didn't help matters at all. Why was he wearing headphones? Just half an inning before, everyone was singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." When the late Harry Caray sang that song, no one would dare wear head phones.
What would Harry say at a down time like this? " Hey Hey --
lets be planners. It's only around three months till the start of spring training for the 2004 season. And then the Cubs will win it all......"
So I'm counting the days. Any other fans out there?