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Cyburbia Fourm outage on Friday


Dear Leader
Staff member
Cyburbia was out for about six hours on Friday, as the site's monthly bandwidth allocation of 20 gigabytes was exceeded. I bought another hosting package to piggyback on the existing pacgages, to bring the total monthly bandwidth up to 25 gigabytes.

As a result of increasing bandwidth consumption, the following conservation measures will be taken:

  • In the Cyburbia Forums, the maximum attached image size will be reduced from 75K and 600 pixels in any direction to 50K and 500 pixels in any direction.
  • Image attachments in the Cyburbia Forums will no longer display automatically with the thread; users must click on a link to display them. The vast majority of vBulletin boards do not allow image uploading. Cyburbia, unlike many other sites, allows image uploading.
  • In the Cyburbia Gallery, the maximum image size will be reduced from 250K and 1600 pixels in any direction to 100K and 1080 pixels in any direction.
  • When images in the Cyburbia Gallery are hotlinked to threads in other bulletin boards (skyscrapercity.com, skyscraperpage.com, urbanphoto.org, etc) by their owners, a similar post must also be made in the Cyburbia Forums.

    Cyburbia moderators may monitor other bulletin boards to ensure this policy is observed. If this policy is not observed, the image owner may be considered a "bandwidth leecher," and have their Gallery posting privileges revoked and their images removed.