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Cyburbia Gallery images: back online, for download only


Dear Leader
Staff member
The Cyburbia image gallery is back online, but only for the next four months. This is so members can recover and download their images (if they didn't keep the originals on their home computers).

The Gallery is visible only to members who are logged in. The Gallery will not be indexed in search engines.

No new images or comments may be added to the Gallery.

Images are online only so the members who uploaded them can save them on their own computers.

If you see an image thread that you want to preserve, post a link here, and I'll embed the images in the thread for future generations of Cyburbians to enjoy.

Members should delete Gallery images if they have the originals, or after saving them on their own computer. (I have backups to recreate image threads, even after Gallery images are deleted.)

On August 1, 2019, we will remove the Gallery and all its images permanently. We will notify all members with images in the Gallery about the deadline. If you haven't logged into Cyburbia in the past few years, and we have no way to contact you (email bounces. preference for no email notices from Cyburbia, etc), we may remove your images earlier, and without notice.

When the Gallery was active, it consumed a lot of server space and bandwidth, but it didn't attract many new members to the site. It's hard to justify the continued existence of the Gallery, because XenForo handles image attachments much better than vBulletin, and there's several good image hosting services online.
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