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Cyburbia turns 25!


Dear Leader
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Well, sort of. The 25th anniversary of the Cyburbia Forums will be March 24, 2021. However, the web site that would eventually become Cyburbia first went live in October 1994. I can't remember the exact date, but I do remember red fall foliage outside the windows of the computer lab in Hayes Hall on the UB South Campus. On one of those crisp October days, I "unofficially" uploaded and installed the NCSA HTTPd web server software to the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning email server, and made a basic home page for the school.

The biggest part of the web site was a curated directory to the planning and architecture-related web sites called PAIRC -- the Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center.


There weren't many web sites related to the built environment in the mid-1990s, but PAIRC had links to most of what was out there. PAIRC quickly became popular, and it attracted a lot of traffic to port 8080 of the arch.buffalo.edu mail server.

When the powers that be found out about the web site and PAIRC, I thought I was going to be kicked out of school. Instead, I got a graduate assistantship. for which I'm eternally grateful. I also got the green light to make an official UB SA&P site, and continue working on PAIRC. In March 1996, I installed a primitive message board script called WWWBoard (try it out!), and what would eventually become the Cyburbia Forums was born.

When I graduated from the Master of Urban Planning program in May 1996, I took PAIRC with me, registered the cyburbia.org domain name after seeing the word "Cyburbia" in an article in Wired, and the rest is history.


I'll write a bit more later. In the meantime, to the members of Cyburbia who made the site what it is today, thank you. This place wouldn't exist without you. :)