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Day Laborer Issues


Is anyone dealing with day laborer issues?

An inter-departmental panel has been convened to make recommendations on strategies for addressing the problems that exist with our immigrant day laborer situation. This effort has been spearheaded by the police and the social services folks. They are looking at recommending the establishment of hiring halls, where the laborers would have a place to assemble (instead of the parking lots of local 7-11s), and other services can be offered (ESL, job and life skills training, etc.). Our Revitalization people are looking at models for cost-benefit analysis of the options. Other than a use determination and help in assessing sites, my office hasn't offered much in the way of suggestions. Any suggestions on places to look for planning/zoning resources for addressing this issue would be appreciated. This issue seems to be located in some of our commercial revitalization districts.



Depending on where in No.Va. you are Hillsboro, Oregon http://www.ci.hillsboro.or.us/ might be interesting for you to take a look at. It is home both to high tech and a significant agricultural industry and has been dealing with a lot of change in the past ten years or so.

One social service organization http://www.centrocultural.org/ based there has programs in several of the areas you mentioned. I'm not familiar with the projects but the folks at Centro could point you towards their city contacts.



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Thankfully, we dont have those issues, but then again, we dont have bus routes or affordable housing either.

I have witnessed the negative effects these places have. Like pager stores and pay day loan stores, they tend to function in tandem, catering to the lower and lower-middle classes. Try contacting the Milwaukee Neighborhood Services Department or Department of City Development to see how they addressed the matter in their recent Zoning Code rep[eal and recreation.

Good Luck!


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An excerpt from the zoning code I wrote for a small town in Florida:

306.14 Day labor agency

306.14.1 Intent
Day labor agencies provide an essential service to unskilled or economically disadvantaged men and women seeking employment, and to businesses that need labor at a short notice for limited assignments. However, the presence of a day labor agency can affect the mix of people and businesses attracted to an area, warding off medium to high end businesses that are essential to create and maintain a vibrant commercial area.

Considering *******’s small size and geographical constraints, a day labor center would have a disproportionately large impact on the Town, compared to a larger community with few geographical constraints for expansion, and a large supply of land ideal for commercial development.

306.14.2 Definition
Day labor agency – agency providing temporary labor services for agricultural, construction, maintenance, landscaping, food service or industrial trades; or other physically intensive work.

306.14.3 Permitted locations
Day labor agencies are prohibited in all zoning districts.