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Rant 😠 Deciphering "Engineerspeak"


I know doctors have a reputation for bad handwriting, but has anyone else noticed that most engineers exhibit poor written (and sometimes verbal) communication skills? Most of the engineers I've dealt with show tendencies toward speaking/writing in half sentences, abbreviating every single word possible and ignoring basic tenets of English grammar. This is an e-mail I received from our public works director today (great guy, great engineer, lousy grasp on the English language and typing skills):

"Bent could you help me out I am fianalizing a report on I-70 Noise and the question or criteria deal woth Land use. How can we workd this in the most positve light condiering the types of development we have approved. think about Vail Commons.Land use controls"

I did not alter this message at all...and I wish I could say this was the exception. Lately, when forwarding Public Works Department comments to applicants, I've been copying and pasting exactly what the engineers send me into the letters. I hope our development review applicants enjoy the messages as much as I do.

Not really a complaint...more like one of those funny things that makes the job more interesting...like "what will they send over next?"