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Definition for "zoning lot"

Looking for different definitions for "zoning lot". Our Ordinance currently defines it as follows: "a parcel of land considered or treated as a single unit. A zoning lot may or may not correspond with a lot of record." Through the interpretation by the State's Attorney, this allows some one to rezone a small area inside of a larger lot without the need to create a separate recorded lot. I actually know of one lot that has agricultural, Industrial, and multi-family residential zoning all on a 7 acre parcel.

Thanks for the help.

Rumpy Tunanator

-What does your comprehensive plan state as the main zoning (i.e. residential, agriculture, industrial, etc.) in that area? Sounds like your ordinance should be changed quickly before you have conflicting uses encrouching on neighbors.

-If they wanted to change the lot into another zone or use, I thought the ZBA had to approve it?


Staff member
"Lot: A parcel, tract or area of land that fronts on a street or place. It may be a single parcel separately described in a plat or deed that is recorded in the office of the county recorder, or it may include parts of or a combination of such parcels when adjacent to one another and used as one." (Emphasis added).

"If the boundary line of a zoning district divides a lot having frontage on a street so that the front part of the lot lies in one district and part of the lot lies in another, the restriction that applies to the frotn part of the lot applies to the entire lot."

"If the boundary line of a zoning district divides a lot in a manner essentially perpendicular to a street, the restriction that applies to the larger portion applies to the entire lot."

It may be possible to create a zoning district wholly inside a separate parcel as your State's Attorney suggests, but it should be impossible to sell it without the recordation of a plat.