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Design Build & Federal Funding


Hi Cyburbanites,

I've been lurking for a long time and appreciate the forum to ask for your advice.

We've been struggling with a question in our office and I wonder if other people administering CDBG funds have encountered this scenario. I have a client community that is planning to build a senior center with CDBG funds next year. We are in the planning phases for the project and the town/building committee can only afford to construct a small modular building.

(Building rehabilitation and new construction are off the table. Modular is the route they are going so we don't need to debate those pros and cons.)

The town will probably submit an RFP for a design-build project. The drawings will be phase one (paid for with CDBG planning funds) and the construction will be phase 2 (paid for with a CDBG grant for construction).

Has anyone ever done a project like this? The state I'm working in requires construction drawings (bid ready) when funding construction for public facilities with CDBG. However, this scenario doesn't seem to apply to modular construction since design build is intended to allow for design flexibility. If you've done this type of project, what type of drawings did you ask for in the RFP and what did you submit to the funding agency when you were seeking funding for construction?