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Development Regs

We are initiating our update of the Development Regs here in Ocoee and could use ideas/examples from others.
Some criteria for new regs include: plain english; ability to relate to automated tracking; good summary/understanding info, e.g., matrices, graphics, pictures, charts--; streamlined flow; automated linkages for understanding project requirements and process for developers and the public as well as for linking code relationship to comp plan; opportunities for innovative uses (mixed, neo trad, "pattern", TODs, etc.); and innovative ways to display through the web.
We are especially interested in Florida experiences but would welcome suggestions/ideas/examples from other areas.
Thanks. Dennis R. Foltz, AICP


New Urban Neighborhoods

I have found model ordinances for New Urban Neighborhoods in Wisconsin (Dept of Administration), Minnesota, and North Carolina (Trans.) that have been helpful. I'd appreciate information on others. One other suggestion is to offer the final document in a .pdf file. I recommend .pdf because it is a format most people readily understand, can be organized and indexed, easily negotiated, printed, etc. The typical user - developer or citizen - will appreciate it.