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Development Regulations


I am a librarian for a planning agency and I received the following request:

The City of xyz is in the process of reviewing and revising our development regulations for "townhouses" and other similar high-density development, such as "condominiums", "villas", etc. One of the trade-offs city staff wants to consider in allowing non-conventional high-density development, is to exercise some control and review over design in the final product -- such as requiring articulated facades, extra landscaping, useable open space, etc. FYI, several developers have expressed to city staff that they view our current townhouse regulations as unreasonable. One problematic townhouse regulation that the city currently has is a requirement that all "lots" must have frontage on a public road (or a private road meeting public-road standards). In looking at other townhouse developments, it is clear that many governments allow townhouse lots to have frontage on a parking lot instead of a formal street.

I have been using Municode and the Lexis Nexis version but have not come across any clear examples of codes or regulations I can send to this individual. Are there any planners who have had similar experiences and can direct me to appropriate municipalities.