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development scenario cost/benefit modeling



I’m looking at the possibility of developing a cost of development study that is richer than the more traditional cost of community services studies models in that it would allow a wide range of users to consider the costs/benefits of a wide variety of development scenarios (i.e. to play ‘what-if’ in assessing the relative value of different development scenarios). The more traditional models fail to account for the incremental costs of development or unique spatial dimensions that impact upon development costs. What I’m thinking about is a spreadsheet model that is capable of incorporating factors such as level of farmland conversion, infrastructure intensity, density, land type etc. in determining the costs and/or values of a wide variety of development scenarios, and appeals to a wider range of individuals than the traditional cost of community services study. The model could cover a small number of predefined scenarios, or it could be a more detailed model that allows the user to set the geographic dimensions of the development scenarios. If anyone has seen or knows of such a model, and can point me to materials or contacts for that info, I would appreciate it very much!

Matt Shipkey