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Digital submissions of development proposals?

The organization I'm working for is updating a Master Plan for one of our member towns, and this time we're including a chapter on technology issues. The town is interested to learn more about how development proposals could be submitted digitally and what standards could be applied to the submission, i.e.: the submission must be in the generally-accepted format (NH State Plane in NH) so that it could be viewed as coverage over the town's digital tax map.

Has anyone written anything having to do with this subject? If so, I'd like to find out more about the language you used regarding such standards. It would be a big help in finally finishing up this Master Plan!



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Welcome to Cyburbia, John.

I'd suggest you join the NH Plan-Link e-mail discussion group, and pose your question there as well as here. Go to http://webster.state.nh.us/osp/plan-link/start.html
to join.

In Londonderry, we have the following in our Subdivision and Site Plan regulations:

Board Signature: Prior to obtaining Board signature, the Applicant shall submit two (2) complete paper print plan sets and supporting documents as required in Section 4.19 with a letter explaining how the Applicant addressed the conditions of approval. This shall include final and complete reports for all items submitted during review for the Town of Londonderry’s file. The Chairman and Secretary of the Board shall endorse a reproducible mylar, and four (4) paper copies of the approved plan(s) meeting the conditions of approval upon receipt of an executed bond for all improvements, excluding buildings. The Planning Department shall retain a reproducible and four (4) paper copies with supporting documents for Town of Londonderry records.

In addition, complete electronic files of all of the drawings in the plan set in the latest AutoCAD format or other acceptable format approved by the Town shall be provided for the Town of Londonderry’s records.


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Our requirement:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a digital *.DXF file, *.DGN file, or *.DWG file of [Project Description] be submitted to the City and all information transmitted shall be tied to and referenced to State Plane Coordinates NGVD 1929 or others approved by the City Engineer.

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Bumping this thread, and I know I have seen this discussed in other threads, but applicants' engineers/design professionals really do not want to give you anything but a pdf for a digital submission.

It's really a pain they don't want to share in the public realm because it would greatly improve our mapping files to have their data

I get they don't want other people using their data without paying for it but ugh!

So all of you that require usable formats like .DWG, how do you work this around the applicant's rep that don't want this in the public realm

#misschet btw

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Every city I've been around requires native CADD data meeting specific digital submission standards for all public infrastructure to be accepted by the City. It is submitted with the as-built final drawings.