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Equity / justice ⚖️ Diversity and Displacement in Sandy Springs (An Edge City of Atlanta)

Gentrification, segregation discussed by Sandy Springs residents in racial talks

As of July 27, 2020, over 260 Sandy Springs residents had registered for 36 Civic Dinners on “Inclusion and Belonging” at:

During the pandemic, the Civic Dinners will be virtual meetings. Open registration for 6 meetings is through August 31.

Structure of the discussions during the pandemic:
Up to 8 residents, including a host, join a virtual meeting scheduled through the Civic Dinners platform.

The host leads the discussion. A member of the city’s staff takes notes on the main issues & topics that residents find important. Comments, which will be kept anonymous, will be compiled by staff--for the City Council to consider for action or future policies.
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