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I have an application for an increase of 4 to 15 dogs being kept in an RS-1 district. How do you all handle these types of applications? The zoning code just states that more than 4 dogs can only be kept with a conditional use. Should I attempt to gage public sentiment to help me make my recommendation?


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From my rewrite of the town's draft development code. Hopefully, this might give you some ideas. (The following is still in draft form.)

Companion animal

.05 Definition. A companion animal is a traditional pet, including a domesticated dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, bird, or Vietnamese pot bellied pig. Companion animals do not include exotic canines normally found in the wild (wolves, >=50% wolf hybrids, foxes, coyotes, dingos, etc.), exotic felines normally found in the wild (lions, tigers, cougars, etc.), poultry, game and fighting birds; hoofed and cloven animals; and any species that has not been bred to live in captivity and serve as a companion animal; these animals are considered inappropriate in residential areas.

.10 Permitted by right: conditions. Up to four companion animals may live at a residence.

.15 Permitted by administrative review. The Town Planner may issue permission for a resident to have from five to eight companion animals at a residence, considering lot size and location; and breed traits such as size, energy, temperament and potential for noise. A negative decision by the Town Planner may be appealed to the Planning and Zoning Board, through applying for a special review approval for a kennel or cattery.

.20 Permitted by special review. Refer to the regulations for a kennel.

.25 Litters. Refer to the regulations for a kennel.


.05 Definition. A kennel is a facility where the overnight boarding of dogs, cats or other companion animals; and/or breeding of companion animas, is conducted as a business.

.10 Permitted by special review. Keeping a large number of pets will require special attention to determine that determine if they will have an adverse affect on the surrounding area, and that the pets are kept in a humane environment. Special review approval is required to keep more than eight pets on a property, or when the Town Planner feels special review is appropriate to study the impact of housing more than four pets. The following criteria will be used in determining special review approval:

• The applicant is a “hobby breeder,” breeding occasional litters (two per year per unsprayed female) only to supply pets to individual owners at minimal profit (not pet stores, wholesalers, laboratories or “bunchers”); or a legitimate animal rescue operation that works to rehabilitate and rehome pets.
• The applicant does not plan to operate a “puppy mill” or “cat mill,” where pets are bred solely for profit.
• Pets will be kept in a clean, safe and humane environment.
• Pets will be considered and treated not as mere breeding stock, but as an integral part of their human host family.
• Noise and odor will not be more significant than what would be expected for a “normal” resident with a pet.

.15 Litters. Pet owners may have up to two litters for every unaltered female pet at a residence per year. Pets under 26 weeks old are not included in the overall count of companion animals at a residence.

Big Owl

I am doing some research around this issue, so i revive this thread. I am looking at some condition for individuals who wish to have over X number of dogs to meet in order to have them. does anyone have any regulations? Items i am looking at are minimum lot size, waste disposal, housing and so-on.