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Dont know if anybody can help me here.


hello my name is Benjamin Nelson. I am planning to build a house in Lincoln NE in the next couple of years. The wife and I are not rich and Im really cheap. We want to build a Dome house here in lincoln. We feel were wasting money living in a apartment. What we would like to do is buy some land, put a small modular home(mobile home) on it and live there until we get the house built. Is there any problem with putting a little crap house on some land before and during the building of the real house. Then once the house is built we will sell the mobile home to pay off the loan a bit. Can anybody help? anybody have an idea who I could contact?


The technique you describe is often done in more rural parts of the country and where people see an opportunity to build equity in the lad before building their 'premanent' home. Unfortunately, none of us are likely to be able to answer the question of whether it may be possible for you. Zoning and subdivision regulations vary from state to state, and within states from county to village to city to township. The only thing to do is to first ensure that there are no covenants on the land that would prohibit it, then talk to the local zoning administrator to see if there is any local code that would prohibit it.

mike gurnee

Often there is a prohibition against two dwellings on one lot. In your more flexible communities, it might be possible to enter into an agreement stating that the first structure (mobile home) goes away when the other is finished, often with a time limit. Not all places are flexible, however. Also, many places do not like mobile homes. You could seek land with an existing, disposable, dwelling. That being said, follow Michael's advice and check the deed, then the local zoning office.


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