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Drainage easements at Single Family R


When we have a (20 foot wide) drainage easement between single family houses, we still have the property line down the middle. Will there be a problem of people putting fence posts through our drain pipes? Should we prohibit fences in the easement? Does this create (20 foot) unkept "alleys" if adjacent land owners each place a fence on their edge of the easement?

What about drainage easements and swales along the back of several lots - are owners allowed to place a fence along the side property line across the swale to their back property line fence (potentially blocking water flow)? What kind of "closure" should be allowed in the swale under the fence, if any? How do you keep pets in and pests out where a swale has to go under a fence?



RCP pipe will usually have at least 2ft of cover so fence post are not a problem. Storm sewer doesn't necessarily run down the center of an easement either, that's why we use 20 ft in width to give us some play with the placement of the pipe because your inlet may not be perpendicular to the main.

As far as swales along the back of "several" lots, when designing a drainage pattern (depending on the size of the lots) you never want to have water flowing across "several" lots. It leaves to much to go wrong and how would you like to be the guy at the end of the 10 lot long swale?

As for fences, unless you're putting up a wall the water will pass through. Will it make a differnece in the performance of the swale? Possibly. It depends at how it is designed. If it is designed at 2% (the minimum slope for water to flow on grass) you could have problems.