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driving test


sorry...the link didn't work...here's a "cut & paste" version:

Daytona-Area woman crashes into DMV office -- then passes driving test

Associated Press
Posted November 14 2003, 7:56 AM EST

DAYTONA BEACH -- A 69-year-old woman crashed her car into the Department of Motor Vehicles building where she intended to renew her driver's license.

Denise G. Butterfield, of Ponce Inlet, said she was pulling into a handicapped parking space when her car suddenly jumped the curb and smacked into the front of the building Thursday.

The car narrowly missed two people sitting on a bench, but nobody was injured. Damages to the building and car were minor.

``I never hit the accelerator,'' Butterfield said. ``The gas engaged itself.''

A police officer who did a quick check the car said everything seemed to be working properly. Butterfield was issued a ticket for careless driving.

Because of the accident, department officials made Butterfield take a new written and behind-the-wheel test.

``It's better to be safe than sorry,'' said Mary Lyn Dance, an examiner at the driver's license office.

Butterfield passed both tests and was given a renewed license.

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Staff member
Yet another reason to avoid driving in south Florida. :-D

Slightly OT: My mom never did get her driver's license (a good thing, IMO) because she flunked the road test after she stalled out an automatic transmission during a "K" turn. The tester insisted on driving the car back to the MVB and destroyed her confidence. At least we don't have to take her car away from her now...