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Dumb Lawmakers


I read this on gorilla-a-gogo, so I thought this would be a fun thread:

"Motorcyclists would be free to run red lights if they exercise ''due care,'' under a bill overwhelmingly approved by the [Tennessee] state Senate yesterday.

The legislation was needed because many new model motorcycles do not have enough metal in them to trigger magnetic sensors that tell some traffic lights to turn green, Sen. Bill Clabough, R-Maryville, the bill's sponsor, said. The Senate approved a last-minute amendment that would prohibit motorcyclists from using the legislation as an excuse to run red lights willy-nilly. ''This makes it clear that a motorcyclist can't say, 'I thought it wasn't recognizing my bike,''' said Sen. David Fowler, R-Signal Mountain, of his amendment.

Commentary from site: "And how are they going to enforce the "willy-nilly" provisions? "Your honor, I swear I thought the light didn't detect me!" "Sorry, son, I find you guilty of running a red light with aggravated willy-nilliness. The fine will be $100, plus $50 for acting willy-nilly."") :)