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Eco-design in public housing

There are a few attempts to insulate and solarize some public housing but no serious attempts to make any sustainable, perhaps the local utilities took measures to squelch them. I remember there was a plan whereby since the lowest bidder gets the contract and most energy improvements are not visible
the lowest bidder would get the contract and then get %20 more to work in some energy and water conserving techniques.I know that public housing can be made efficient and sustainable and ecologically benign and save alot of taxes too...

Public Housing should be built which is durable, super energy efficient,passive solar,very water conserving,space efficient,well planned,easy to maintain,using dayliting and other methods to reduce electrical loads and if there is wind enough or bright sun enough or any other energy source near by to supplement the energy supply or reduce costs of operation they should be used.Public housing should be warm and dry,well lit with many plants to oxygenate and refresh the air.housing should be near public transit and foodstores and libraries