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Development review Engineer's role in development review


New developments require a comprehensive review of the plans as the relate to zoning regulations, transportation plans, pedestrian plans, land use plans, and standard specification details. That is why most of us don't review these documents in a vacuum but bring in other entities to assist in the review of these projects. Fire departments want the roads wider and free of parked vehicles and trees, public works wants the streets constructed to minimize maintenance concerns, police does not want buffers that might inhibit visibility of buildings, and of course parks and recreation want more and bigger parks.

Ok, those are just stereotypes and not reality... all the time... but the question is in terms of your Engineer. Over my time in Planning, I have seen all sorts of different configurations and details of what the engineer does, or does not look at.

My question to you is what aspect of development reviews is your engineer responsible for? Do you have an in-house or a contract engineer? Is that role filled by someone other than an engineer (ie, public works or some other group?)